Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Now I've swum with have snorkelled with the fish on the Great Barrier reef. We had to wear Stinger suits because of the jelly fish around at this time of year.

We've visited coffee plantations, tea gardens and eaten exotic fruit ice-cream !

We left for Ulura (Ayres Rock) on the 18th. Saw sunset then got up early to see the sunrise, it is all magical! Been on a cultural walk with an Aborigine guide. It was 40C at 5pm out there, just a touch warm!!!

Next was King's Canyon where we did a rim walk of 6km starting at 6am, to avoid some of the heat!

Alice Springs was a flying visit over night!

Now in Perth, the storm was amazing but we were fortunately with our friends Jo & Bruce in their house. Saw all devastation the next day. I've never seen lightning quite so close or thunder so loud!!

Lunchtime so must go. See you all next week.

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