Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wow we've hit Sydney - it's hot, 27C or above most days. Today, it's cooler only 25 so I'm catching up!
We arrived on Saturday afternoon, our hotel is bang in the middle so it's easy to walk to most of the famous attractions. We've walked over the Harbour Bridge. This is an amazing construction of 1920/30, so not Health & Safety considerations, the men hanging from ropes & balancing on beams suspended over the water 50m up!! The museum is really informative but the continuous drum of traffic passing over the 6/8 lane highway depending on the time of day is amazing!! There is also a rail line & footpath & bikes track.

The Opera House is superb the arching roofs house 2 big theatres & 3 small ones. It is all rented space so companies & artists are continuously moving in & out. Going to see La Traviata tonight which is very exciting!
We went to the Blue Mountains. They are sandstone which has iron running through it so it is striped orange. The 3 sisters are pillars sticking up out of the Jameson valley which is all rainforest, very green!

Also been wine tasting in the Hunter Valley, Lindemans is huge but also went to Oakvale who sell lots of wine to Tesco. It's cheaper to buy in England than here because the tax here is so high!

You can travel a long way in OZ without seeming to go very far, hence the need to fly!! Off to Cairns on Friday!

More later, love to everyone.

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